Economic Development and Tourism


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Always working hard to keep our region moving!

As part of a larger Central Alberta region, we are able to benefit from regional strengths which capture opportunities created by policies such as no provincial sales tax and low municipal tax, and still maintain a high level of service. By encouraging entrepreneurial enterprise, providing business support services, and creating innovative partnerships, we are continuing to move Mountain View County economically forward. 

Our focus on creating a vibrant and diverse local economy is supported by strong relationships with our partner municipalities: The Towns of Carstairs, Didsbury, Olds, Sundre, and the Village of Cremona. 

We thank you for your interest in Mountain View County and we would be pleased to provide you with specific site criteria and any further information you may require regarding business development opportunities in one of the best places to grow opportunities.


Mountain View County Assessment Totals


  2016 Totals 2017 Total Growth %
Residential $2,260,331,840  $2,291,489,100 1.49%
Non-Residential $353,608,490 $355,862,100 1.08%
Machinery & Equipment $481,148,910 $481,877,180 0.30%
Farmland $157,511,440 $157,262,430 -0.16%
Linear $1,245,951,770 $1,234,720,280 -0.89%
Total $4,498,552,450 $4,521,211,090 0.61%

MVC Assessment Totals Graph

Non-residential (commercial, industrial) saw a growth of 15% in 2017


2016 Population

Municipality Population
Mountain View County 13,074
Town of Olds 9,184
Town of Didsbury 5,268
Town of Carstairs 4,077
Town of Sundre 2,729
Village of Cremona 444
Total of Mountain View Region 34,776
based on 2016 stats

A full list of demographics and business related investment information can be found under the opportunites section.